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Lin-Yuan New Plant

29 May
Lin-Yuan New Plant

LLIC has been operating for 19 years since 1995, with numerous shop expansions to cope with business requirement. At present, the space available at Renwu Plant is no longer enough to meet what is required. In order to cut down on the management and operating costs under the prevailing environment of harsh competition, it is required to centralized all shop-fabrication work in one location for management purpose. Therefore, a piece of land with an area of 55079 square meters has been chosen in the Lin-Yuan Industrial Area as the location of LLIC's new plant and office building. As soon as the new plant is opened for operation in the near future, with expanded shop space and centralized management, LLIC is going to promote its business by actively undertaking overseas work and substantially increasing its work load and subsequently reflecting the effect and benefit of such a centralized, integrated operation.

At present, LLIC owns three fabrication shops at Ren-wu, Da-Fa, and Lin-Yuan, and one open-top shop for the assembly, packaging, and storaging of large size equipment. In addition, LLIC also has the certification of ASME, ISO 9001, domestic pressure vessel fabrication, and pressure vessel of China. Since the day LLIC is established, its constituent members have been professionals with lots of experience mainly in the areas of design, fabrication and erection, of pressure vessel, plant steel structure, piping, etc. for petrochemical plant, steel mill, and power plant.