Project Summary

Steel Structure project

LLIC is capable of providing shop drawings for steel structure, while the process work like cutting and drilling are outsourced to others equipped with CNC machines and tools so that accuracy can be assured. This and the sound QA procedure have highly impressed the clients/owners with the facts that LLIC's semi-finished articles of steel structure have shown good accuracy at site erection. Facts are seen in Taipower's Taichung Plant No 1 through No 4 Turbine Sets, and No 9 and No 10 SCR supporting structure fabrication, CAPCO NO 6 PTA Plant Silo supporting structure fabrication and erection, SCR supporting structure fabrication and erection for TXU Sandow Power Plant (Texas, USA) and Taipower's Hsin-Da Plant, and FPCC's Alkali 4 Plant Steel Structure fabrication and erection.

Piping project

LLIC has excellent piping work teams who carry out assembly and welding in accordance with the specific requirements of material ranging from ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, and titanium, such as SA335 Grade P9, P11, P22, P91, SA240 Type 800H, 347H, and 310. ASME/CNS/API codes and standards are followed strictly in order to assure the quality.

Environmental Protection Equipment Project

LLIC has the experience in the field of DeNox equipment and Duct work through long term cooperation with CTCI Corporation, BHK Japan, IHI Japan, and has completed many projects such as CSC's No 1, No 3 and No 4 Sinter Plants DeNox Equipment and Duct Prefab work, Taipower's Taichung Plant No 9 and No 10 SCR Reactor and Duct Fabrication work, Taipower's Hsin-Da Plant No 3 and No 4 SCR Reactor and Duct Fabrication and Erection work, TUX Sandow Power Plant (Texas, USA) SCR work, and Chung Lung Steel's No 1 and No 2 SCR, DeNox, Static Precipitator work. LLIC has a good team with fine skills and abundant experience. LLIC's team carries out strict quality and progress control in order to complete the work on or ahead of schedule and create the greatest benefits for both parties (the clients/owners and LLIC).

Pressure Vessel & Equipment Fabrication

LLIC owns the certification of ASME "S","U","U2","PP","R", "API", "CNS", and relative domestic inspection certificates on fabrication facilities for pressure vessel, boiler, low temperature storage tank, and cracking furnace/fired heater. LLIC is capable of fabricate all types of tailor-made pressure vessel and equipment, and has the A2 certification for items exported to China. At present, LLIC's maximum monthly production capacity reaches 500 tons, about 1/4 of it's total production output and value.

Fired Heaters Project

In the area of fabrication and erection work for fired heaters, LLIC has been collaborating with CTCI Corporation on long term basis in its EPC lumpsum projects, domestic as well as overseas, such as:
A. FPCC Olefin 1 Fired Heaters Prefabrication
B. CPC Da-Lin Normal Paraffin Plant Fired Heater, Stack, Duct Fabrication and Erection
C. Qatar Petrochemical EP2 Cracking Furnace and Coil Fabrication
D. CPC Lin-Yuan No. 6 Naphtha Cracker Plant Cracking Furnace Fabrication and Erection
LLIC owns a unique working-platform-assembly skill that assures the accuracy of each and every working component. Together with a thoughtful site construction plan that is carefully carried out, this makes each completed project an accrual of experience in its team, which in turn becomes an energy stored for its future undertaking.


Site Installation & Construction

Besides equipment fabrication, LLIC has a strong team capable of organizing a work group in response to all sorts of requirements from the clients/owners to carry out the construction management work, starting from the pre-construction study and planning, to safe-method analysis, preparation of rigging plan, detailed and thorough discussions and coordinations with the clients/owners, supervision and management during progress of construction, and the coordinations in safety and QA/QC, all efforts converging to the completion of work with satifactory results for the clients/owners.