Employee's Benefits

 Salary Category

 Fixed Base Salary
 Year-End Bonus
 Salary Adjustments, Non-Periodical

 Insurance Category

 Labor/Health Insurance
 Group Insurance, Accident Insurance
 Labor Retirement Fund 6% 

 System Category

 A Welfare Committee in the company speaks for all employees
 Educational Scholarships for employee's children
 Birth Allowance, Medical Allowance, Cash Gift for Wedding, Birthday, etc
 Non-periodical departmental dinner party


 Bi-Weekly Day Off、Lunch for workdays
 Employee's Uniforms and personal equipment
 Annual Physical Check-up
 Cell phone as required

 Educational Training

 Tool Box Meeting: Hold on-the-job training regularly to uplift employee's industrial safety skills and capability
 Employee's internal and external on-job training
 Good promotion channel and career development opportunity