Concept and Perspective


Management Concept

With responsible work attitude and professional expertise, accomplishes on schedule the work entrusted by the clients/owners reaching their highest satifaction, and thus establishes good mutual relationship. In the meantime, with their support and encouragement, and under self-expectation drives, looks continuously for technological uplift and innovation, and finds more room for growth in the difficult environment of keen competition.

 Enterprise's Integrity
 Quality First
 Technological Innovation
 Sustainable Growth


Future Prospects

LLIC is anticipating the possibility of integrating its existing shop locations to get the greatest management effects and collaborating with foreign firms on long-term basis. LLIC is searching for developing specialized products and undertaking OEM orders to become an integrated medium-sized engineering, fabrication, and construction company.

Continuous expansion in the global market share by collaborating with overseas partners is LLIC's company major goal. In addition to the services in oil refining and petrochemical industries, LLIC also commits itself on the promotion of successful domestic experience in non-petrochemical territories, such as power plant, refuse incineration plant, etc. to the overseas market with the hope that LLIC will be a world renown engineering, fabrication, and construction company.

 Use elites as team members and try to establish LLIC as the most advanced engineering, fabrication, and construction services provider, and finally as the world's best win-win collaborating partner in the field.
 March forward towards the professional field of globalized EPC lumpsum contractors.
 Provide the domestic and overseas clients/owners with the kind of effective  project management.
 Use sustainable operation, that is based on the nurturing of talents and a solid foundation of skills deeply rooted inside the company, to evolve into and form a profit-sharing-with-employee mechanism.
 Provide the clients/owners with sound skills, first class quality, and fine performance, reaching the goal of highest benefit.
 Go for innovation, stand firm with integrity, and be the best, reputable fabrication and construction team.