LLIC has evolved into a construction work team of several hundred people from a small group of a few dozens over the years, LLIC has since the beginning persisted in the belief that customer comes first in respect to quality, delivery, and services. It is under the continuous support of these long term customers and repetitive purchase orders that LLIC has stepped into the realm of providing customers with the all dimensions EPC lumpsum services, covering early planning, design, engineering, procurement, fabrication and erection, test, operation, and maintenance.

LLIC's range of services covers mainly the construction for petrochemical plants, steel mills, power plants, food industry, fertilizer plants, refuse incineration plants, and electronic relevant industries. In the past few years, LLIC has actively integrated its professional and design capability, expanded its strategic alliance, and searching for technical cooperation with major firms domestic and overseas, trying to diversify and step into overseas market.

LLIC has a maintenance team of nearly 100 people stationed, on long term basis, at Chung Lung Steel Mill. And furthermore, LLIC has extended its services post to Taipei City and has recruited senior professionals, retirees from world reknown engineering firms, to direct and provide guidance and know-how for LLIC, as a whole, in the area of EPC lumpsum services. LLIC is also strengthening its exploration on the external markets, and its training on the internal management personnel in regard to the topics of whole-plant export and special material trade.

LLIC holds firm in its belief of enterprise integrity, quality first, and incessant improvement, innovation, growth in respect to technical skills. As for the social responsibility, LLIC keeps in mind that HSE is a must and shall be attended to all the time and in abreast with the company's growth. LLIC is responsible for its products! LLIC is responsible for its employees! LLIC is responsible to its customers!