Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility

LLIC firmly believes that, while it is developing and growing, a company must use its existing expertise and advantage to fulfill its social responsibility in pursuit of the sustainable development for environmental and ecological resources, society and enterprise as a whole. Rice aid for the weak and low-income families, daily part-time jobs and summer/winter courses for students from such families, and non-periodical donations of food and material to the orphanage and other disadvantaged minorities are just a few examples of activities that enterprises should attend to.

Ecological Environment

LLIC has the certification of ISO14001. Through strict daily audits and employee's training, LLIC directs all its employees to take part in the environmental protection work, making wastes resouce-recoverable, stable, non-hazardous, economical and meeting the requirements of law. At the same time as enterprises develop and grow, LLIC is ever more concerned about the equilibrium and coexistence with the environment.

Safety & Health

LLIC has set up the internationally approved OHSAS 18001 system and obtained the certification in 2012. A labor health and safety committee is organized in the company to be responsible for work safety, prevention of accident, improvement of work environment and maintaining labor health. A "SHE personnel management committee" is formed by the employees themself, to propose execution policy and improvement plan regarding safety and health and to hold regular review meeting in order to have a safe work place and to secure employee's safety and health.

Sustainable development

For the sustainable development of the company, LLIC searches for breakthroughs in its specialized territory and is continuously strengthening its corporate capability. To upgrade its competitive power at all fronts, LLIC has embarked on numerous changes including organizational and systematic adjustments, and reinforcement in talent nurturing, training and career planning, etc., hoping that, through these changes, authority and responsibility are consolidated, and accountability becomes a deep-rooted culture in the company, and thus, furthermore, hoping that it will initiate the pro-active, aggressive and eager-to-take-responsibility work attitude in all personnel to create higher values for the services and to ensure the steady growth and the sustainable operation of the company, and the happy, healthy lives of all working partners and their families.

Based on the belief of honesty and integrity, LLIC will continue to increase the transparency of its company government, maintain its work quality, take care of its employees in forming a harmonious partnership, mind its environment protection efforts, reduce waste of resource, raise its image in the society, create a sound and stable financial result, and continue to take the "take it from the society, use it on the society" attitude in carefully performing its duty as an enterprise, and as a member of the society.